Competitive Evaluation Information

1) Once registered to try out for a specific team a player shall remain on that team until such time they are released from, the evaluation process. Upon release, they will try out for the next ranked team. (AAA-AA-CAHL-City League).

2) Options available once registered for a try out are as follows:

a. Player earns a roster spot on the team.

b. Player is released from the evaluation process and begins the process again for the next ranked team

c. Player is released and subsequently affiliated to the team. (Affiliation process may unfold over a matter of weeks, and follows parameters as laid out by Hockey Alberta and MHMHA). Players can only affiliate to teams they have tried out for. The exception to this would be if a family moves to town after the try out process has ended, a player who missed the try out process due to injury, and in the case of Bantam AAA players being affiliated to the M15’s as they would not have been permitted to try out due to age restrictions.

3) Any player choosing to quit the team they were placed on, will not be released to the next ranked team. If a player secures a roster spot on a team, and a decision is made by the player or their family to not play on said team, the player will be released to the city league and will take part in evaluations for such. For example, if you participate in the evaluation process and earn a spot on the Bantam AA roster, and decide not to not play at that level, player will be released to the MHMHA City League, they will not be released to participate in CAHL evaluations. Similarly, if a player participates in try outs and earns a spot on the Bantam AAA team, and decides not to play, they will be released to MHMHA City League, not to the Bantam AA team. This applies to all competitive teams, no matter the level. If a player makes a CAHL team and decides not to play, they will be released to MHMHA city league, not the next tiered CAHL team (if there is one.) Players who decline their placement in city league will be given an outright and indefinite release from MHMHA.

4) Any concerns with any decisions or outcomes made during the evaluation process must be submitted in writing to the appropriate division director. Only written submissions will be examined and all submissions must be signed; anonymous submissions will be discarded. Medicine Hat Minor Hockey has a zero tolerance of abuse, harassment, and bullying. Any

egregious behavior, verbal harassment, baseless allegations or abuse of any member of MHMHA, including but not limited to its volunteer board of directors, and paid staff will not be tolerated. Furthermore, there is a complaint procedure that must be adhered to for any member wishing to file a formal complaint.

5) The division director, GM and coaching staffs of teams are responsible for the evaluation of players participating in the evaluation process. A team of Evaluators independent of the team and division being evaluated will be assembled by the Division Director and GM. The assembled team of evaluators will not have any pre-existing ties to the team or division being evaluated.

6) Upon completion of the evaluation skates and games, the evaluators will present their data, findings, assessment results and recommendations to the Division Director and head coach. Results will not be made public. The head coach will be presented with the top ranked players emerging from the evaluation process who will be placed on the team automatically, which will include the top 6 forwards, top 4 defenseman and top goaltender as determined by the team of evaluators. Following that, the head coach will be given the latitude to select the remainder of their team. However, selections must be made from the next ranked players as determined by the team of evaluators, i.e. head coach will be presented with the next ranked 6 forwards, 4 defense, and 2 goaltenders from which to complete the roster. While AAA and AA teams may select rosters up to the maximum allowed by Hockey Alberta, CAHL teams from our association typically have 9 forwards, 6 defense and 2 goaltenders.

7) All resident members of MHMHA shall begin the tryout process within their resident association, i.e. Medicine Hat.

8) As an association we work closely with our neighboring associations (in particular Redcliff Minor Hockey and Irvine Minor Hockey) to assist in filling out their rosters for their competitive teams. However, this is completely incumbent on the viability of our internal city league and those associations having roster spots to fill. If a neighboring association approaches our association seeking assistance in filling a roster the process is as follows:

a. As noted, MHMHA players must start the try out process in their home association.

b. Players are not eligible for a second try out in a neighboring association until such time that the MHMHA evaluation process is complete and said player has been released from our lowest tiered competitive team.

c. If a neighboring association is seeking additional players to complete a roster at a given age division, they will approach MHMHA and inform us of such. At the completion of our evaluation process the released players names and contact information will be provided to the accepting association. The accepting association, in turn, will contact players if additional roster spots need to be filled.

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