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Timbits Teams (2018/2019)

Coaches and team managers please mark down Wednesday, September 26th at 7:00 pm on your calendar. We will have our equipment and jersey pick up happening that evening at our MHMHA office, 46 Carry Dr SE. We will have the side door open and be meeting you in the boardroom to hand everything out. Your monthly schedule should be out very soon, take care and I look forward to meeting you all very soon.

Kris Schultz, GM MHMHA

Team Name: BLAZERS (Navy Blue & Red)
Coach: Andrew McFarlane
Assistant Coaches: Cary BonogofskiShayne BrownRyan NeefsMike Weisgerber
Player Names
Anaka, Kirk
Bonogofski, Roen
Brown, Emmett
Christman, Deegan
Deis, Ryker
Goodberry, Kazdon
McFarlane, Noah
Neefs, Brady
Van Maarion, Teagan
Weisgerber, Michael
Zak, Czember
Team Name: ROCKETS (Teal)
Coach: Kyle Matheson
Assistant Coaches: Jason Longpre, David Sabados, Justin Wright
Player Names
Brigham – St. Peter, Greyson
Hauck, Hunter
Lee, Eli
Longpre, Carter
Matheson, Hunter
McLaren, Cohen
Meier, Madden
Pick, Elijah
Sabados, Michael
Schorr, Parker
Stiefel, Declan
Wright, Raylan
Team Name: WILDCATS (Purple)
Coach: Luke Dovichak
On-Ice Helpers: Mike Gergely, Jordan Hilton, Brian Krasko,  Mike Schimpf,
Player Names
Andreas, Zoey
Benallack, Hudsyn
Dovichak, Brynlee
Gergely, Emily
Hilton, Claire
Krasko, Paisley
Kuipers, Julie
Kuipers, Leonie
Liefso, Ella
McDowall, Aubrey
Paskell, Hailey
Schimpf, Harlyn
Van Buskirk, Brekkyn
Waithe, Ella
Wilcox, Harper
Team Name: COUGARS (White)
Coach: Glen Nixdorf
Assistant Coaches: Brent Bohrn, Darren Holeha, Wesley Kirkpatrick
Player Names
Bohrn, Boston
Campbell, Daxon
Hamilton, Reid
Holeha, Reese
Kirkpatrick, Tristan
Kuiper, Max
Neigum, Maddyn
Nixdorf, Weston
Severin, Austin
Simpson, Hailey
Team Name: GIANTS (Blue)
Coach: Lee Sprunger
Assistant Coaches: Andy Motz, Kirk Wenzel, Jayson Ottenbreit, Carmen Ressler
Player Names
Desrochers, Maxime
Krein, Noah
Moser, Knoxx
Motz, Benson
Nunweiler, Marty
Ottenbreit, Mason
Palmer, Johnny
Ressler, Declan
Saubak, Hudson
Sprunger, Fischer
Weber, Nicholas
Wenzel, Rustin

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