2018/2019 Concussion Baseline Testing

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Concussion Baseline Info:

Kinetisense and Dr Ryan Comeau (the Kinetic Centre) are pleased to provide concussion baseline screens for the MHMHA athletes. This program has been developed to provide valuable data to the practitioner, athlete, parents, coaching staff, and training staff as to when it safe for the athlete to return to play. Dr. Comeau and his staff will incorporate research based protocols for the assessment and treatment of the player if they are to become concussed. The protocol involves direct communication and integration of the player, parents, coaches, trainers, and teachers during the rehabilitation process.

Research shows that sustaining a second concussion before the athlete has fully “healed” from the first can have severe consequences to the athlete, both short and long term. The Kinetisense concussion baseline system will help to prevent the likelihood of mTBI’s (multiple minor traumatic brain injuries) from being sustained to prevent the likelihood of CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) which can create long term effects and symptoms. it is imperative to collect baseline data in order to properly monitor the athlete post concussion and make the correct decisions in regards to timelines of safe return to play.

The representative from your team will provide you with the times that will be offered to you and your teams.

The Kinetic Centre
Bay 6, 2020 Strachan Rd, SE. Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Please fill out the form below prior to testing:

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