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Feb 11, 2021 MHMHA News 0 comments


Dear MHMHA Members,

MHMHA is adapting to every changing situation that Covid-19 creates.  At this time, we’ve seen the rules change on a weekly basis and in the last week, the rules have changed daily.

As of the date of this email, there are many restrictions which limit the way we can play hockey. These include:

  • We are down to 2 ice surfaces (Hockey Hounds & Coop Place) as the Kinplex Ice has been pulled, and we have very limited amount of ice allocations, if any, at FLC
  • Players must remain 3 meters apart from each other on the ice at all times.
  • We are allowed 9 players 1 coach on each half of the ice.
  • No Spectators in the facility. Only Team staff.
  • Some rinks only allow 5 people per dressing room which potentially will make players arrive at sessions fully dressed

At this point, we are working with the limited ice times & are looking to see how we can get as many kids back on the ice, in any capacity, Right Now.

We have been able to roll out ice times to our Goaltending Program and Rep/Travel teams as these are programs that could adapt easily to the quick changes that were happening. A decision was also needed, to see how our City teams and the logistics of Running all City Teams looked, as the landscape of all city leagues, has changed dramatically.

The Motion was Passed at last night’s Board Meeting to maintain all MHMHA teams (City & Rep) and split up all ice equal with all MHMHA teams and programs.

With that being said we know that each Age Division will have different logistics. We ask that any further communication follows the following line of communication.

Parents<Coaches<Division Directors<Hockey Operations

Streamlining the communication like this will only aid MHMHA in executing this highly logistical plan properly.

At this point we are not issuing any refunds until after we officially conclude the season. At that point MHMHA will determine what Hockey was not played and then assess refunds at that time. If you do not wish to continue on, you need to contact the coach of your team and the MHMHA minor hockey office. These individuals will still have to wait until the official conclusion of the season before refunds are processed.

As always, this past year, we continue to appreciate the patience our membership has shown.


Yours in Hockey,


Medicine Hat Minor Hockey Association, Board of Directors

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