Cubs 7th Man

Oct 03, 2019 Colbi News 0 comments

The Cubs would like to welcome all MHMH teams to all Cubs games this season.

They already can get into game for free as it’s 18 and under FREE. But, we encourage coming as a team with their jerseys on. We are also adding the Cubs 7th Man this year.

We will have a Facebook and twitter post starting today. Teams are to email me their team name and each players name.  medicinehatcubs@gmail.com

We will make a draw for which player is picked to be the 7th man.

The 7th man will be required to be fully dressed in his team uniform immediately following warm-ups and standing at the Cubs dressing room door.

At that time a Cub player will invite the 7th man and his dad into the room where he can sit in his own stall. He will be introduced to the team and take in the rest of pre-game preparations. He will then take to the ice with the club and stand with starting line up and oh Canada.

Following oh Canada he will head off the ice.

But hold on we are not done there. At the 1st intermission the player is welcomed back to the dressing room and he is to bring his mh teammates to meet the team.

All teams that attend will also get their names put into draw drum for a chance to win some amazing prizes. Signed jerseys, sticks, pucks and other cool stuff.


Dave Kowalchuk
GM Medicine Hat Cubs

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