December Schedule

Nov 14, 2018 Colbi News 0 comments

Please be advised that we will not have the December schedule out on the deadline of November 15th. There are a few reasons for that and they are listed below:

  • November 30th – December 3rd – large tournament, therefore very little ice available.
  • December 14th-16th – large tournament, therefore very little ice available.
  • There is a large amount of ice on hold in December at the moment, therefore it can’t be included in the schedule.
  • CAHL schedules have not been finalized yet by the league, therefore lots of ice is on hold until their schedules are confirmed.

For all of the reasons above, December schedules will not be ready by the November 15th as planned. For those that don’t know what the CAHL is that is the league in which a majority of our rep teams play in. The league has a new scheduler this season and is going through a few growing pains in that regard. This will also allow us to send it out once and not have to make any further additions or subtractions to it once it’s been created.

On another note, coaches you are not permitted to contact Donna Schlosser on your own with any suggestions or schedule complaints. She has an extremely time consuming and difficult job and it does not need to be made harder by answering numerous individuals and their concerns. Your point of contact is your division director, if they don’t help you contact me. Your immediate attention to this is appreciated, thank you.

Kris Schultz, GM MHMHA 


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