Bus Travel Policy

3.2 Bus Travel Policy

The Manager (or member of coaching staff who is organizing the Bus trip) must ensure the following is in place prior to securing the vehicle:

  • Proof of insurance and liability limits
  • Driver logbooks
  • Emergency Exits (roll over and on wheels) discussion before bus pulls out
  • Seat belt use (if available)
  • First Aid Kit

Prior to the first trip of the year, managers will be required and expected to use www.triproster.com to manage

the passengers for the trip. This app will communicate with an administrator within MHMHA and let us know where you are going, who’s on the bus to and from, and when you get back. The manager will have to load the roster onto the app before the trip date. They can also add siblings and parents to make sure they are accounted for as well.

Upon loading of the Bus, to destination, managers must log into www.triproster.com and check off who’s on the bus:

  • players
  • coaching staff
  • parents
  • siblings
  • anyone else that may be riding on that bus for that trip

From that point, the app will have 4 check points:

  • when you leave,
  • when you arrive at location,
  • when you depart the location, and
  • when you arrive back at home.

All our members are important to us, this is another great tool to ensure the safety of our travelers and that

we know who’s on the bus in case of an emergency.

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