Operation Coordinators Bylaw

Table of Contents

8.0 Operation Coordinators #

  1. Operation Coordinators shall be appointed on a year-by-year basis by the Board of Directors.
  2. Shall include but not limited to:
  3. U7 Coordinator
  4. U9 Coordinator
  • U11 City Coordinator
  1. U13 City Coordinator
  2. U15 City Coordinator
  3. U18 City Coordinator
  • U11/U13 Rep Coordinator
  • U15/U18 Rep Coordinator
  1. Female City Coordinator
  2. Female Rep Coordinator
  3. Goaltender Development Coordinator
  • Dryland Coordinator
  1. Shall be considered the lead organizer to the area appointed.
  2. Shall not be considered Directors of the Board.
  3. Shall report directly to the HOM.

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