The Head Coach is the most integral component of a successful team experience – both on the ice and off.  It can be the most rewarding experience; you serve not only as an instructor, but also as a Mentor, Role Model and Leader during all team activities. 

The Head Coach is responsible providing the oversight over all team operations as well as all on-ice instruction. A good coach will delegate and put trust in their Assistant Coaches, Team Manager and team level volunteers.

Coaching Application Deadline
JUNE 15, 2024

Must have all necessary certificates.

Coaching Requirments

All coaches of MHMHA are required to be certified as per Hockey Canada, Hockey Alberta and/or MHMHA Policies and/or Procedures. One team official is also required to take the Safety certification.

Must complete all necessary certificates through the national coaching certification program.

The NCCP required certification level necessary depends on the division you wish to coach:

All Coaches are required to complete the Respect in Sport program.

In order to be eligible to coach a MHMHA Team, each participant must register and complete the Respect in Sports- Coach (Activity leader) prior to going on the ice.  All other course/qualifications required must be completed prior to the November 15th Hockey Alberta deadline of the current membership year.

Certification in the Respect in Sport program is valid for up to four seasons and is associated with a May 1st expiry date. Please check your Respect in Sport account to see if you are required to recertify. 

If you have already completed the Respect in Sport course and it is up to date, you do not have to redo the course. 

All teams must have one team official who has completed the Hockey Canada Safety Program.

This 4-hour online program is an introduction to team safety, injury recognition, fair play code and code of ethics, safety at the rink, injury management and the Emergency Action Plan. The team’s Safety Person receives the information and confidence needed to be the go-to person on your team for health, wellness, injury recognition safe and proper recovery, and Return to Play procedures.

This training is valid for 3 seasons from the date of completion (expiring on September 1). Once expired must re-take the online course, or apply for Level 2 status (with appropriate qualifications).

Intervention record checks and vulnerable sector checks are required by all coaches.

All staff members and volunteers with the organization MUST complete an initial Vulnerable Sector Verification which includes a Canadian Criminal Records Check/Local Police Check through the local police or a third-party provider.

Every three years following the initial check all staff and volunteers must complete a Criminal Records Check/Local Police Check and can do so through Hockey Canada and Sterling Back Check Services or similar agency, or by going to their local police service. This is mandatory and an ongoing condition of employment or volunteering

Head Coach Handbook

This handbook provides information to aid MHMHA Coaches in the smooth operation of the team, by identifying key topics that the head Coach may need to address over the course of the season. Numerous appendices including samples, templates and valuable links are included to assist you in pre-planning and organization.


Once all required courses are complete and certifications received, the participant will complete the Coach Clinic Reimbursement Form and submit course receipts to the office for processing.  You can email receipts to

MHMHA will only reimburse clinic registration fees; other costs such as travel, and meals are not eligible.

Coach Clinic Reimbursement Forms will only be accepted until December 30 of that same Membership year.