U13B Rocky Mountain

U13B Rocky Mountain Division

Focus on refining individual skills and tactics, and enhancing understanding of team play principles in a fun and competitive environment

  • Team receives full ice practices (2 hours per week)
  • Participate in Rocky Mountain Female Hockey League (RMFHL) against other female teams for all games
  • Divisions are tiered by similarly skilled teams to maximize athlete development and ensure athletes are playing against similar skilled opponents 
  • “User-pay” model within MHMHA for team fees (ice costs, referees, etc.) 
  • Additional costs are dependent on team engagement (extra practices, out-of-town tournaments, team building activities, travel preferences, etc.) 
  • The team is dependent on player enrollment

In recent years, player enrollment has supported two U13 teams – U13A and U13B.  MHMHA has not yet had enrollment to support a U13 Wildcats (city) team, thus MHMHA teams created through tryout process and participate in U13A and U13B divisions within RMFHL.

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2023-2024 Tournament Dates

Any tournament questions, please reach out to:  events@mhmha.ca MHMHA_Tournament_Dates_2023_24  

U15 Wildcats Ice

Tue 19-Sep-23 6:00 PM 7:15 PM Kinplex I U15 Wildcats Practice Thu 21-Sep-23 8:15 PM 9:30 PM Co-op Place U15 Wildcats Practice Wed 27-Sep-23 7:30 PM 8:45 PM Kinplex I U15 Wildcats Practice Mon 2-Oct-23 8:45 PM 9:45 PM Big Marble Go Centre U15 Wildcats Practice Wed 4-Oct-23 8:15 PM 9:30 PM Kinplex I U15 […]

U13 Wildcats Conditioning Skates

  Fri 15-Sep-23 4:15 PM 5:30 PM Kinplex I U13 Wildcats Conditioning Skate Sat 16-Sep-23 11:45 AM 1:45 PM Big Marble Go Centre U13 Wildcats Conditioning Skate

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