Frequently Asked Questions

Answering the most common questions the administration staff are asked. 
Please review this section prior to calling the office, your query may be answered below.

Does MHMHA have apparel?

Yes, currently Sports Connection provides MHMHA branded clothing.  You can order directly from our online store at the beginning of the season and again before Christmas.  The store will be posted on our Website and Socials.

Are teams required to purchase/wear MHMHA apparel?

CAHL and Rep teams are to wear branded apparel.  All City teams are at the discretion of the coach and manager.  Team apparel is usually funded through team fundraising and should be included in the team budget.

Is it mandatory to wear a mouth guard?

Mouth guards are recommended for all MHMHA players.

My son is U18 and doesn’t want to wear his neck guard. I see a couple other kids not wearing them is this ok?

No, all MHMHA registered players must wear a neck guard that is specific to their position (ex/goalies must wear a goalie neck guard)

When does the Board of directors meet?

The Board of Directors meet once a month. If you are interested in attending, please reach out and we can provide the venues and times. 

Can I attend a Board meeting?

All MHMHA members are welcome to attend any board meeting for the general portion of the meeting. 

Can I bring something up at a Board meeting?

To speak at a board meeting you need to be on the agenda.  To request an allotted time to speak you are required to email president@mhmha.ca directly.  In your email you will have to share the reason you wish to speak, the outcome you hope to receive, and the channels you have already taken to rectify your concern

The president is the only person who can approve additional speakers at a meeting.

Furthermore, you can speak at a meeting per:

Meeting Agenda

The meeting agenda is written by the President or Secretary/Chair of the meeting and is forwarded to all Board members one week prior to the meeting.  The meeti8ng agenda is approved right after the meeting is called to order.

When does body contact start?

Body contact starts in the U15 age division, however not all tiers have body contact.

  • U15 AAA, U15AA, and U15 Tiers 1-3 -Body Checking
  • U15 Tiers 4-6 – Non-Checking


How does my player learn how to body check?

MHMHA offers checking clinics as well as your coach in U13 & U15 should provide the skills needed of checking on a regular basis.

My Player won’t be playing in a contact tier, should they still attend a checking clinic?

Yes, it is recommended that even though you aren’t playing in a body contact tier, you should still learn how to take a hit. During games you still may receive a hit (accidental or not) that would be assessed with a penalty at the referee’s discretion.

Do I have to sign up for all the optional camps/programs with my initial registration? Can I sign up for them at a later date?

All optional programs are non-refundable unless due to medical circumstances. You do not have to sign up for camps and/or clinics at the point of initial registration. You can go back into the registration site at a future date and select an optional program, space is limited, and all optional camps/optional programs are on a first come first served basis.

How many coaching staff is allowed on the bench?

The team is allowed to have up to 5 including Trainer provided that all are listed on the Hockey Canada Registry and on the CAHL roster for the particular team. Registration as part of another team does not make a coach eligible to be on the bench with another team even with the same association. There are also training requirements for coaches which must be respected so be sure to meet those as well.

What does bench staff mean?

Bench staff are the team's head coach, assistant coaches, goalie coaches, trainers. All bench staff have to be registered to your team and all have to have Respect in Sport Activity Leader Course. Respect In Sport Activity leader must be completed before bench staff step on the ice for practices and games. The Parent Respect in Sport does not replace or can be used in place of the Respect In Sport Activity Leader. The head coach must have the required coach courses for their level. You can find out which courses are required on the Hockey Alberta website under Coaches - Coach Education - Requirements. Head Coach required Courses need to be completed by mid-November unless otherwise stated.

Also, each team must have one member of their bench staff that has a current Hockey Canada Safety Course. It is up to the head coach to ensure that one of their bench staff has the course or take the course themselves. All bench staff need to provide MHMHA with a current Vulnerable Sector Police Check. Instructions for Criminal Record Checks can be found under the Coaches tab on our website.

How can I find out about the rules for the league that I coach in?

Leagues post their rules and regulations on their website. It is a good idea to read through these rules and regulations prior to the season start. Also, print the rules and regulations so that you have them handy during games. It is also a good idea to read the Hockey Alberta rules and regulations. You should also read through MHMHA Policies and Procedures. Ignorance is never an excuse when something goes wrong. It is up to you as the team coach or bench staff member to know all of the rules.

What are MHMHA’s main forms of communication?

MHMHA uses TeamSnap as its main form of communication to our members as a whole.  Individual teams will utilize TeamSnap as well for their main source of communication with their team. Information is also posted on the MHMHA website, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Evaluation communication and information is solely posted on the MHMHA website.

A parent on our team was displaying very poor behavior at one of our games, how can I deal with this?

You should report any inappropriate behavior of parents, players etc. to your division director. It is key to report any incident in a timely manner, so the behavior is documented. If you feel that you can deal with the behavior with a simple discussion to the family you can do so but wait 24 hours before speaking to the family so that both parties have had time to review their behavior.

Who is responsible for the conduct of fans at CAHL games?

The local association is responsible for this. If visiting fans are a problem and rink attendants cannot address it, police should be called. The CAHL will follow up with the association to ensure that measures have been taken to avoid repeat incidents. If deemed necessary and fans cannot be controlled, the team may be suspended.

Who is responsible for the dressing room cleanliness?

The head coach should be the last person to walk through the dressing room and ensure that the dressing room clean and nothing is broken or destroyed in any way. This would be for home and away games. If you have to leave and cannot do the walk through, then please assign an Assistant Coach to take on this responsibility. It is a good practice to address dressing room expectations with your players. Players should have the utmost respect for facilities in our home arena and also dressing rooms in visiting arenas. Teams that leave dressing rooms untidy or have caused destruction of property will be liable for fines or fees that are sent to MHMHA.

After my practice I have an event to attend, can I shower in the dressing room with the players?

No, it would not be appropriate to shower with or in the same room as the players.

I have heard people talk about the “2 Deep Method” in the Locker Room, what does that mean?

Players should be supervised at all times. A lone bench staff member should never be in the dressing room with players at any time, and especially when they are showering or changing. Two adults should be present together, which is called the "Two Deep Method" of supervision. Please do not have your players come to the rink an hour early if your bench staff can not be at the rink to monitor.

Who should be in the room when a coach is dealing with a player on a disciplinary concern?

MHMHA requires, at minimum, the Coach, another adult carded to the team (assistant coach or manager), player and parent of the player. At no time should a disciplinary action be carried out without a 2nd member of the team and a support person for the player.

Can a player serve a suspension in an exhibition game?

No. The player must serve the suspension in sanctioned games including tournaments, league play, and provincial playoffs. A player cannot play or serve a suspension in an exhibition game.

If a player gets a major penalty, are they allowed to come back into the game?

No. All major penalties come with an automatic Game Misconduct. That means the player is out of the game and someone else has to serve the 5 minutes. If that penalty occurs in the last 10 minutes of the game, the player will also be out of the next game at a minimum. Additional suspensions may be assessed depending on the nature of the penalty.

One of the players or bench staff is suspended can they come to practice?

Yes, suspensions are only for games. When a player or bench staff is suspended in league for example and the next game your team plays are an exhibition game, your player cannot play in the exhibition game. Suspensions can only be served in league or sanctioned tournament games.

If a player or coach has been suspended and the team wants to appeal it, can the player/coach keep playing until the appeal is heard?

No. The player is suspended and cannot play until the games have been served. If the association chooses to appeal and have followed the correct steps to do so, the appeal will be heard as indicated in the regulations. The player or coach serves until that time.

What happens if a suspended player or coach is in a game while suspended?

The Head Coach is guilty of having an ineligible player or coach included and is subject to additional, lengthy suspensions by Hockey Alberta.

If a coach or player is suspended for actions in a game, can the games be served by sitting out games with another team?

No. Even if the coach or player is registered with another team, the games must be served by sitting out games with the team on which the suspension resulted.

Are there female teams at all divisions?

MHMHA will attempt to provide female teams for all divisions except U8. The viability of these teams will depend on the number of registrants signed up so female players are encouraged to sign up early.

Can female players sign up for both the female program and either rep or the house program?

No. Female players must choose either Female hockey OR one of the other mixed leagues.

Where do my hockey fees go?

Registration fees include such expenses as, but not limited to; ice rentals (games & practices), game length, officiating costs, MHMHA, Hockey Alberta & Hockey Canada player fees, insurance, coaching certifications, evaluations, and administrative costs.

Aside from registration fees, what could the financial expectations be?

Besides the registration fee and the optional tryout fee, families are also responsible for “team fees” which may include a “cash call”

Team Fees

Team fees are used for additional costs your team may incur over the season.  Your team is responsible for ensuring your team has the required fees necessary to cover the expenses. In order to determine your team’s additional expenses, a team meeting will be called at the beginning of the season to discuss and confirm the team’s budget. This budget will cover possible items such as

ice rentals for practices or exhibition games, referees for games if required,  tournaments, social and team building activities,  tournament entry fees, Christmas event, travel (busses) just to name a few.

Cash Call

Your team’s manager may issue a ‘Cash Call’ the day of the team meeting. (Example below). While this is generally done by REP teams, you may encounter a cash call on a city league team.  It all depends on team expenses. The main purpose for a cash call is to have funds immediately available to cover beginning of season costs.  This will give you time to organize fundraising if your team chooses. Fundraising is a great option to keep expenses low. See fundraising below.

Cash call example:

If your team(parents) have agreed to a team budget of $5000.00 and there are 15 players on the team, each player would be responsible to pay $333.34.  This amount would be payable to the team bank account.  Email Transfer may be accepted. Please let your Team Manager know if you require more time to pay the ‘Cash Call’

Paying Back Cash Calls

If a team has fundraised, they may use those funds to pay back each player up to the amount of the cash call. This is typically done at the end of the year incase additional expenses arise.

While fundraising is a great way to keep expenses lower it WILL require TEAM efforts to be successful.  There are also Gaming Rules/Regulations that must be followed.


Our team fundraised and we have a lot of spare funds, the season is ending soon, can we buy the players expensive gifts like sticks etc.?

No, fundraised monies can only be used for team expenses, travel expenses, development, equipment and to reimburse cash calls that were previously paid.

Please make sure to review the AGLC rules regarding how team fundraising funds can be spent.

I have just showed up for my team's game and we only have 2 coaches available today, can one of our parents come on the bench to help?

No. Only bench staff registered to your team can be on your bench for games.

My team has been invited to play an HSL or non-sanctioned team, can we do that?

No, minor hockey teams registered with Hockey Alberta can only play in sanctioned exhibition games and tournaments.

Who decides if a game will be canceled due to weather conditions?

The coaches and manager must follow the league regulation on this by contacting their division director, however, It is always up to a parent whether he/she wants to travel on the roads.

My team is short players for our exhibition game, tournament, or league game, can I just borrow a player from another team or bring a sibling of one of our players to play in our game?

No. Only players listed on your roster can play in your teams’ games. This would include properly registered affiliate players. (Exception will be in U7 & U9: teams may email the Intro to Hockey Director to ask if they can invite a player(s) from another U7 or U9 team to play in their exhibition, tournament, or league game. The player(s) must be approved by the Intro to Hockey Director in advance of the game. U7's cannot be asked to play with the U9 division.

Is there a cost to watch minor hockey games?

No, we do not charge entry fees to any of our minor hockey sanctioned games or tournaments.

What arena facilities does MHMHA utilize for practices & home games?

At present ice is difficult to source for all our teams within city limits, as an association we can utilize adjoining communities ice surfaces.  Practices and Games may be at one of the following arenas:

  • Locally- Coop Place, Cenovus arena (Big Marble Go Center- formerly FLC), Kinplex 1 and 2, the Moose and Hockey Hounds
  • Redcliff – Redcliff Rec Tangle
  • Ralston – Ralston arena
  • Irvine – Irvine Rec Center


Does a player need a doctor's note to return to play after a sports-related absence?

A return to play form/doctors note must be received prior to returning to ice for all concussions, back injury or broken bones.

Can an injured player be on the bench for games?

A player may ONLY be on the bench if they are in full uniform. The player must be in full gear including skates or must be removed on the bench. The belief that a player may be present as long as they have a helmet on is incorrect. This player must be accounted for on the roster as present but injured.

How late can we decide to change the tier a team is in?

Tiers are set at the tiering meeting which is held after the four weeks of tiering round games. Governors make the recommendation as to where the teams belong and unless there is other information provided by the association director, the teams are set.

Rep Evaluations

Everyone who watched my child play including his last coach thinks that he/she deserves to be placed on a higher team.  Will you consider the opinions of others during the review process?

Unfortunately, the opinions of past coaches or other parents who witnessed your child play cannot be factored into final team placement. To maintain integrity and fairness to all who have been evaluated the only measurement tool we can use is the scores that have been given by the evaluators.

What is a travel permit?

Travel permits are required to play any games (tournament or exhibition) outside of Medicine Hat that are not your regular league games. (League playoff games or provincial tournament games do not require a permit) Your manager can apply for a travel permit. You need to apply for a permit approximately one week before your game or tournament. If you forget to get a permit, you can call the office and get advice on how to proceed.

I need a travel permit for an upcoming game, can I just go online and apply for one?

No, all permits, and sanction permits must go through the MHMHA office.  Fill out the form located on the MHMHA website here.

Why do teams require a travel permit for all tournaments and exhibition games?

It ensures that our players are covered for insurance purposes at all sanctioned hockey games. It is your coach’s responsibility to ensure your team manager is aware of the fact that travel and exhibition permits are required.

Our team has rented an ice slot that we intend to use for an exhibition game. The ice slot is at a rink here in Medicine Hat. Do we need a travel permit?

Yes. A travel permit is required for any ice time that is not assigned to the team by the Ice scheduler (or designate). This includes exhibition games, tournament games and/or extra practices. Travel permit requests may be submitted electronically through the MHMHA website.

When do I need to apply for a travel permit?

Travel permit requests should be submitted at least one week in advance of the ice time.

Our team has booked an exhibition game against a team, using one of our practice slots. Do we need a travel permit?

No, technically you do not need a travel permit to use one of your own ice slots for an exhibition game if the Ice schedular assigned the ice slot to the team. However, individual directors may have a division policy in place that teams should get permission before converting a practice slot to an exhibition game slot. If in doubt, please contact the divisional director.

What is an exhibition game permit?

Your team needs to apply for an exhibition game permit when you are the home team for an exhibition game.

If you have booked ice outside of Medicine Hat, (Redcliff, Irvine, Bow Island) the home exhibition game will serve as your exhibition game permit and your travel permit, you do not have to apply for both Permits.

Our team wants to go bowling as part of a team function. Do we need a permit for this?

Teams are required to obtain a Special Event Permit for any off-ice team activity. This ensures that the team (including coaches) has insurance coverage during the event. Team managers can complete and submit a permit request form electronically through the MHMHA website. Since these permits require Hockey Alberta approval, the form should be submitted to MHMHA AT LEAST ONE WEEK prior to the event.

Please note:  that requests for permits for some types of events (e.g., paintball, tubing) will NOT be approved for insurance considerations.

Our team manager submitted a request for a Special Event Permit for a paintball session. The request was not approved by Hockey Alberta. Does this mean that our team can’t participate in this activity?

No, it simply means that the team is not covered by Hockey Alberta insurance while participating in this activity. Hockey Alberta deems certain activities (e.g., paintball, tubing, some parent-child hockey games) as being high risk and therefore will not “sanction” them through approval of permit requests.

I have just showed up for my teams practice and only two coaches will be available today, can one of our parents who have their skates help on the ice, as an on-ice helper?

No. Only registered MHMHA coaches can help at practice. If a parent has their skates and they are registered to another MHMHA hockey team then they can assist on your practice.

I have two children in MHMHA and I am part of the bench staff for one of my children's teams, can my other child come on the ice for my teams practice?

No. Only players listed on your team roster can go to your practice.

How do I book referees' for my home games?

The ice scheduler books all needed refs.

If a team feels that the official has done a poor job of calling a game, can the game be protested?

No. Any and all calls made on ice cannot be protested. However, a complaint against the official made be filed. The outcome of the game will not change, and a protest will not be entertained.

Our team is at our game and the refs have not shown up, can I call a referee that I know?

No. Only referees assigned by the Medicine Hat Referee association can ref league, exhibition or tournament games. There is a hockey Alberta rule that if no refs show up and both teams agree, coach from each team can ref the game, but please review the Hockey Alberta rules to ensure this rule is valid.

When do I need to register my child for the next hockey season to avoid late fees?

Register your child online, for the next hockey season, by the June 30th. Fees will increase by $200 after that date.

I have registered my player for REP tryouts, if s/he does not make a REP team will we be refunded the tryout fee?


Tryout fees cover the expenses of the ice utilized during tryouts and the various coaches providing instruction for the evaluations.

If I register my player in REP and he/she does not make a REP team will he/she be guaranteed a spot on a City League team?

Yes, all players that transition from REP to City will be guaranteed a spot on a team.

How do I pay my fees?

All registration fees must be paid via our online registration portal on TeamSnap.


How do I find my child's hockey ID?

You can find your child's hockey ID through your Hockey Canada eHockey account.  If you have not signed up for this account, you can do so You can also contact the MHMHA Registrar to have your hockey ID sent to you. 

Where do I find my child’s practice and game schedule?

Your team’s manager will load all your practice and game times and locations to your TeamSnap Team.

How far in advance will I know my child’s schedule?

Pending unforeseen circumstances, your schedule should, at minimum, be done one month in advance. When possible, the Ice Schedular will attempt to issue/set consistent days and times for practices, however this is not guaranteed for any team.

I forgot my TeamSnap password.  How do I find it?

Click on the “Forgot your password” link located on the TeamSnap Login page.  You will be asked to enter the email address you use to login.  The password will be emailed to you.

Our team wants to attend a tournament outside of Canada, is this allowed?

Yes, your team can attend a tournament outside of Canada as long as it is sanctioned by that Country’s governing body. You will need to provide this sanction number when you apply for a travel permit. Also, make sure your team has the required documentation to cross borders. It is normal to have to provide special documentation at the border if only one parent is taking a player. The other parent has to sign a form and the form needs to be notarized and accompany the traveling parent and player.

I want my team to go to a tournament, but they said it is too expensive, can I just enter them and insist we go?

All teams meet at the beginning of the season to decide on the number of tournaments, maximum distance away from Medicine Hat they would like to go, extra activities such as dryland, team functions etc. Teams must vote on items that will cost families extra money. It is also usually decided at the team meeting what percentage of voters need to agree in order for a function to be approved. Ideally that percentage would be that at least 12 of the 17 families must vote yes so there will be enough players to play in the games.

When do tryouts start?

Season start/end Dates will be posted as soon as we have the ice finalized. 

How do I sign up for Tryouts?

Through our Regular Teamsnap registration. 

What is the tryout Process?

This is at the discretion of our General Manager.  Please email him for specific information: gm@mhmha.ca

Where do I find out if my player made the team they tried out for?

Rosters will be posted on our website after teams are made.