Complaint Form

complaint Submission

The MHMHA Committee and its Representatives do not accept complaints directly from parents, spectators, team officials, or players. 

Always wait for a 24-hour cooling-off period before beginning the complaint process and follow the League communications protocols.

Complaints will only be addressed if they are fully completed, have contact information and are signed by the submitter.

If you feel a complaint is warranted, it must be brought by your team manager and will adhere to the following procedure:

Step 1

Letter and completed complaint from the team manager to:

  1. League Division Representative, or
  2. Local minor hockey board.

The letter/form submission must include:

  • Date of Game or incident.
  • Location of Game or incident.
  • Names and Division of team’s, Officials (from game-sheet if required) and or the names of the people involved in the incident.
  • Nature of Concern in detail complete with pictures, texts, emails etc. that pertain to the incident.
  • Name, Address (email and mailing), Phone Number of the person submitting the concern / complaint.

Step 2

The MHMHA Division Representatives will review the complaint and if they feel that there is merit to the concern, they will forward the letter/complaint form to the Game and Conduct Officials Committee to review and make their decision in regards to the complaint.

Step 3

After the formal investigation into the complaint occurs a ruling will be determined.

Step 4

Response from the Official Game and Conduct Committee of final ruling will be forwarded to the MHMHA board, Division Representative and Team management as listed in the original complaint form to review and pass forward to the person submitting the complaint.

Please note, phone calls, texts, emails, and verbal conversations will not be accepted or reviewed without submitting the formal complaint documentation as required.

All rulings are considered final and a formal 2nd complaint would be required to appeal the first ruling from the MHMHA.