Permit Request

Permit Request

Required for any travel or special event.

Please note that under Hockey Alberta rules, a team MUST apply for a travel permit for all tournament and exhibition game(s) regardless of which zone the games(s) are being played.

This travel permit request is not a cancellation of your ice. Please note that you are required to cancel your ice for the weekend you are requesting to be away by using the Ice Cancellation Form. 

In the case of a denied Special Event Permit, please fill out the Special Event Waiver form.


Notification on the 15th of the month before you travel is required. Medicine Hat Minor Hockey is in Zone 6. Travel to any tournaments or exhibition games inside or outside of Zone 6 requires a Travel Permit

Special Event:

Planning a teambuilding function? Special Event Permits are intended to cover team functions for which hockey insurance coverage is required or highly recommended, but that do not fall under the category of allocated ice times or extra ice times that are covered by Travel Permits. Refer to 10.1 in the association guidelines for more details.