2023-2024 MHMHA Coach Recruitment

First and foremost, thank you to everyone for continued support, time and efforts brought each year. This doesn’t go unnoticed and is very much appreciated. Looking into next season, we are asking for coaching applications. A few items that will be implementing to increase value for everyone involved , which includes Coaches, Kids and Parents.

Here are somethings were hoping to strengthen:

-Coaching selection / interviews for U11AA,  U13AA, U15AA(SEAC), U15AAA(SEAC), U16AA, U17AAA(SEAC), U18AA Also depending on number of applicants & program possibly some tier 1 teams.

 -Coaching mentorship and clinics

-Player plan development (age specific)

-Practice plans

-Coaching handbooks

-Ethics / Code / Conduct / Respect

-Hockey development programs for skill set / skating

-Ice hockey systems

MHMHA wants to create fair and equal opportunity for all kids all ages. To be apart of our future building the love of hockey and creating a fun learning environment. At the end of the day that’s why we’re all here, for the kids. Developing great people in & away from the rink is a very important attribute our future leaders in the world / community deserve the resources for them to reach full potential wherever the course of there life shall lead them.

MHMHA is looking for a dynamic, enthusiastic, and motivated person to work with a group of young athletes to foster good sportsmanship, work ethic, and healthy competition. The candidate should have demonstrated coaching experience, knowledge of the age group needs and requirements, demonstrated hockey knowledge and the ability to travel with the team when required.


Strong hockey background in playing, coaching, evaluating athletes.

Strong interest and commitment to child/athlete development

Ability to collaborate with fellow coaching personnel.

Ability to communicate on and off-ice requirements clearly and professionally to players and parents.

Available to meet time commitments outlined below.

Meet or exceed NCCP coaching requirements as per Hockey Alberta Requirements

Job Responsibilities:

Serve as the official spokesperson on behalf of the team.

Coordinate the delegation of responsibilities to the assistant coaches, manager, and team staff.

Plan on and off-ice activities in consultation with the assistant coaches

Coordinate player evaluation and selection in conjunction with the association

Plan, implement, and control pre-game preparation and communication with the team.

Design practice plans in consultation with the assistant coaches

Coach the team in all games and practices

Establish rules for the team and oversee the supervision of the players.

Complete year-end report as required by the association.

Outline practice plans, game strategy, and recommendations on how the program can be improved.

Report to the association through the assigned mentor or designate.

Time Commitment:

Weekly practices and/or games

Off-ice training

Weekly game/practice preparation

Tournaments (home and away)

Attend meetings as required by the association at the start of the season.

Check emails and answer any enquires in a timely fashion.

If you are interested in coaching, at any level for the 2023-2024 Season, please fill out the following coaching application and forward to: info@mhmha.ca


Below are the coach requirements for each level of Hockey:


Thank you all,