Association Regulations

Table of Contents


  1. No player shall be allowed to play or practice without being properly registered with Medicine Hat Minor Hockey and properly registered in the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR).
  1. All injured players requiring medical attention shall complete an injury report form and not be permitted to resume play without written approval of a qualified physician for joint, bones, neck, facial, back and head injuries otherwise written parental approval is required.
  1. All coaches must be certified to coach the level at which they are coaching.
  1. All coaches or demonstrators under the age of eighteen (18) years must be in full equipment
  1. All Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Bench Staff shall be properly registered to the Team through the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR).
  1. All coaches, guest coaches or demonstrators over the age of eighteen (18) must wear a CSA approved helmet with chin strap.
  1. No player, coach or team official shall consume or be under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or performance enhancing drugs at any time within the arena.
  1. “Hazing” or any initiation rite is not tolerated and will be dealt with by the MHMHA Game and Conduct and Hockey Alberta.
  1. No team shall be in the dressing room or on the ice without the supervision of a coach or team official.
  1. Players and team officials shall be personally responsible for damage to any facility they play in or utilize.
  1. MHMHA will not be responsible for property lost or stolen in the arena.
  1. No players, team officials or executive members shall make statements to the news media except game description (scores) and details of upcoming games without the direction from the President.
  1. All play will be as per regulations of Hockey Alberta and CAHL.
  1. All persons transporting players or team officials to or from any team function must carry adequate personal liability insurance, in the amount of at least $1,000,000).
  1. All executive and team members will not conduct themselves in a matter which causes MHMHA legal or financial liability.
  1. All coaches, managers and other team staff are required to complete a Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Check every 3 years Prior to November 15th.
  1. Fighting will not be tolerated off the ice. Anyone involved in fighting will face disciplinary action.


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