Coaching Selection Policy

Coach Selection Procedure


This protocol aims to establish a coach evaluation process that is equitable, transparent, and impartial. The MHMHA Board may review it on an annual basis. Meeting the expectations of all involved parties in the evaluation can be challenging, hence the MHMHA Executive Committee will address exceptional or uncommon situations as they arise.

Coaching Applications

MHMHA will post to all association members and to the community that we are beginning the search for Head Coach positions. MHMHA also asks individuals interested in coaching to specify their interest on their child’s registration form.

The Director of each division and GM will reach out to those who have expressed interest to ensure an adequate number of coaches for the upcoming season. Upon interviewing, the Division Director or GM will ask all potential coaches to fill out the current MHMHA coaching application form. Once these coaching applications are received by MHMHA, the individual expressing interest is formally considered an applicant.

Head Coach Placement

Because most applicants for head coach positions typically focus their applications on their child’s team, assigning head coaches within a division is dependent on the potential placement of the child. If no other nominations for head coach are received for a specific team, the head coach nomination will undergo review by the GM and the respective Division Director for confirmation, provided there are no deficiencies on the MHMHA coaching application form OR deficiencies in prior years conduct, and the nominated head coach’s skill level is appropriate for that hockey level. In cases where multiple nominations for head coach compete for the same team, the Division Director and GM will engage in discussions with each nominee to reach a mutually agreeable resolution. If consensus cannot be reached, the Head Coach Selection Criteria will be utilized to determine the head coach position under consideration.

Head Coach Selection Criteria

In order to uphold fairness and parity throughout the selection process, six essential areas will undergo assessment and candidates will be assigned weights in alignment with the core principles of MHMHA.

Coaching CredentialsCandidates should be acknowledged for any hockey coaching certifications they currently possess and which are valid, alongside any other coaching credentials they may hold.25
Playing ExperienceCandidates should be acknowledged for their playing experience.15
Prior Parent EvaluationsPast coaching evaluations conducted by association members at the end of the year.15
Coaching PhilosophyCandidates must emphasize skill development and building a fun atmosphere for all.25
Instructor/Teaching ExperienceCandidates ability to teach and build up their players on and off ice responsibilities.10
Coaching InterviewInterviews will be conducted by the Director of Division or GM and questions will be asked referring to philosophy, experience, and overall development plans for the team (if needed).10

Each nominee is evaluated based on the aforementioned areas. The scoring for each key aspect involves collaboration between the Directors and GM, utilizing information from the Coaching Application form and Parent Evaluations. In cases where a nominee lacks experience in coaching youth sports, the Director may recommend spending a season as an Assistant Coach, where feasible.


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