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Special Event Permits are intended to cover team functions for which hockey insurance coverage is required or highly recommended, but that do not fall under the category of allocated ice times or extra ice times that are covered by Travel Permits.

Examples of events requiring a Special Event Permit:

  • A guest coach (power skating coach, outside goalie coach (that is not carded to your team) Cub’s Player, Tigers Player) participating in a regularly scheduled ice time.
  • A guest player (sibling who is a registered MHMHA or a friend from an outside local organization such as IMHA or RMHA) participating in a regularly scheduled ice time
  • Team social (pizza, bowling, wind-up party)
  • Team attending a Tigers/Cubs or other game

The form to request a Special Event Permit is found on the MHMHA website under PERMITS and must be completed according to the instructions listed. These permits must be approved by Hockey Alberta, and thus should be submitted a minimum of one week prior to the event (preferably two).

There are many events that will NOT be approved under a Special Event Permit, as Hockey Alberta will NOT “sanction” or assume the risk for these activities. A list of activities that will not be sanctioned can be found on the Hockey Alberta Sanctioning Guidelines document. If a request for a Special Event Permit is not approved, it does not necessarily mean that the team cannot hold the event. If a Special event permit is denied it is important that the team management understands that team players and officials are not covered by minor hockey insurance.

MHMHA strongly recommends that teams submit a permit request for all activities, regardless of if they will be approved, so that Division Directors and the league can be aware of team events. In the case of a denied of a Special Event Permit, please print out and have all members of your team sign THIS WAIVER and email to the MHMHA Administrator.

NOTE:  Failure to submit a ‘Special Event Permit’, and receive approval will result in the activity not being covered by insurance, and may also result in disciplinary action against the Head Coach.

See Appendix E – Special Event Sanctioning Guidelines

See Appendix F – SPMHA Special Event Waiver Template

See Appendix G – Special Event Permit Approved Exceptions

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