Tournament Guidelines



In a bid for consistency, all Medicine Hat Minor Hockey City tournaments including the Timbit jamboree, will be put on by the tournament coordinator through the MHMHA office.

  1. Structure
    • All tournaments will be ran with TeamSnap Tournaments. Within this app we will be able to:
  • set schedules
  • enter team information
  • prepare game sheets
  • set tournament rules
  • All tournaments will feature gold, silver and bronze medals awarded to winning teams. All medals awarded will be the MH 3D Medal. (the one Janis used this year)
  1. Tournament Sponsorship
    • Corporate Sponsor
      • MHMHA will announce the current season’s corporate tournament sponsor at the beginning of November. This sponsor will be the sole sponsor of all tournaments that season. Any additional sponsorship must be approved by the tournament coordinator prior to any tournament planning.
  • The Corporate Sponsor will promote their business in the forms of:
    • Welcome bags- which will include a drink (Gatorade/bio steel/juice box), a granola bar, and a division specific item (ex/ U11 sunglasses and a hacky sack, U13 T-shirt, U15 pop socket and sandwich gift card)
    • Heart and Hustle Awards
    • MVP awards
  1. Tournament Committees
  • A tournament committee will be created in each division.
  • The tournament Coordinator will lead the committee.
  • Committee will be made up of one person from each home team attending. This person will act as the liaison between the committee and their team.
  • There will be a $500 fee, payable to MHMHA, for any team that does not participate in the committee.
  1. Hotel Accommodations -Stay and Play (SPT)
  • All tournaments will be listed as a Stay and Play.
  • Tournament Sanctions will be listed as SPT
  • Stay in Medicine Hat Group will provide accommodations.
    • All registered teams will be required to book at one of the Stay and Play accommodations.
    • All tournament invitations and postings must state the stay and play requirement.
    • No exceptions will be made.
  1. Entry Fees
  • Entry fees for all out-of-town teams will be decided at the beginning of the season and will be based on:
    • Current seasons ice usage fees
    • Official’s fees
    • Team limits
    • Comparable to neighboring associations.
  • Home teams will be required to pay the following fees:
  • Timbits $50/team
  • U9 $100/team
  • U11 & up $250/team
  1. Lobby Games
  • All tournaments will have:
    • a 50/50 draw
    • a player draft
    • a raffle table.
  • The tournament committee will choose:
    • The type of 50/50 -Daily or Progressive.
    • Type of Raffle Table – Baskets, individual prizes, etc.
    • 1 other game/raffle (if they so choose) Popular options are a loonie/twoonie stick, chuck a puck, jellybean guess jar, plinko.
  1. Prizes
  • All home team fees collected will go to the purchase of all raffle prizes.
  • MHMHA will donate $100 per away team attending to a max of $1000 towards raffle prizes.
  • All prizes will be purchased through the office.
  • Donated prizes will be welcome providing the committee is notified of item(s) 1 week prior to tournament.


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