Health and Safety Policy

Table of Contents

3.10 Health and Safety Policy

Purpose #

Hockey Alberta and Hockey Canada are committed to a safe and fun environment for all participants to enjoy the game. Because of the nature of the game of hockey – the skills, the pace, and the playing area, injuries can occur from time to time. The impact of these unfortunate occurrences can be minimized by taking the proper steps to prevent, recognize, and manage injuries effectively. This includes maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition, sleep habits and training. Find out more information in the links below.

Injuries #

All injured players or coaches requiring medical attention shall complete an injury report form and not be permitted to resume play without written approval of a qualified physician for joint, bones, neck, facial, back and head injuries otherwise written parental approval is required.

All player or coach injuries require an injury report form filled out and returned to

Criteria #

For the safety of all participants, it is mandatory in all levels of amateur hockey within MHMHA, that

any player, team official (coach, trainer, assistant coach, manager, etc.), guest coach or volunteer who is on the ice for any practice, game or other ice session must wear a CSA approved helmet with

the chin strap of the helmet securely fastened.

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