Communication Operations

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MHMHA registration and team management system all operate through our TeamSnap Organization Account. As part of this, all teams are provided a free TeamSnap Account through MHMHA. Each team is required to utilize their MHMHA supplied TeamSnap account, as this is how we communicate with teams and deliver schedules.

Once team selections are announced, your player will already be assigned to your TeamSnap roster. Your Division Director will send you a separate invite which provides you Manager permissions and access. Manager access provides you the ability to add events to the schedule, as well as add coaches and other team officials to the roster.

All player and parent contact information should already be there based on the information provided through registration, but let your parents know to add to their profiles any additional email addresses or family members they want to have access to the team schedules and communications.

All team members should be encouraged to do the following so that they have access to the most up to date team information:

  1. Download the app – Make sure you and all your team members download the TeamSnap App if they haven’t already. It is available for iOS on the App Store and Android devices through Google Play.
  1. Subscribe to Your TeamSnap Schedule – Easily add your TeamSnap schedule to your phone or desktop calendar application will be uploaded into TeamSnap so you have access to the information.

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