Association Roles and Responsibilities


1.1 Association Structure #

The structure of the Medicine Hat Minor Hockey Association is a such. The structure can change as pursuant to the current bylaws. Any structural changes will be made public to the members in due course.

1.2 Board of Directors Executive #


The President of this Association presides over all executive meetings, general meetings, annual general meeting, and special meetings. In addition to this, the president also:

      • Delegates authority to preside over above meetings in his absence in accordance with the Bylaws
      • Presides over all Association functions
      • Provides leadership and guidance to all members of the board in the pursuit of their duties.
      • Sets the agenda for all meetings and ensures sufficient copies are prepared
      • Acts as an ambassador representing the Association to all other Associations such as Hockey Alberta, Hockey Canada and the like.
      • Is accountable to the Association
      • Agrees to fill the Past President board position and provide advice the following year after end of term,
      • Presents a report at the annual meeting regarding what was accomplished the previous year

Vice President

The Vice President is empowered to serve as president if the need arises. The Vice President is to be ready to take over the President position in case of a vacancy or absence. Additionally, the Vice President of this Association also:

  • Preside over meetings at the requested of the president per their absence.
  • Prepare a presentation for the annual meetings regarding past accomplishments and future recommendations,
  • Attend all meetings
  • Coordinate all technical programs as outlined by the executive shall act as liaison person with all leagues and the Referees Association


The Secretary of the association is tasked with maintaining a record of minutes from all meetings held during the year. These meetings include Executive, Special, General and Annual meetings. Additionally, the secretary must:

  • Maintain a record of correspondence received by the Association
  • Meetings:
    • Records in detail the minutes of the meeting.
    • Prepares and distributes copies of the previous months’ minutes for members attending meeting. Prepared minutes should be completed and distributed to the board members no less than one week prior to the next meeting.
  • Assist the President as needed to set the agenda for all meetings.
  • Ensures sufficient copies are prepared for general meetings, Special resolution meetings and AGM.
  • Ensures the typing of reports/correspondence as required by the executive members
  • Responds to correspondence for the Association as requested by the office or executive members
  • Reports to the Executive on such matters that he/she feels to be of importance
  • Drafts all employment documents
  • Ensures all employee documents are forwarded to the VP of Governance.
  • Shall publish notices of annual meetings as stated in 4.3 (a) of the Association Bylaws. The notice shall include any nominees for position(s) available.
  • Shall keep accurate record of board members and their terms for AGM.


  • Properly accounts for all funds of the Association and any individual team accounts and keep all such books as may be required. This will include the payment of all approved bills/invoices ensuring that there is proper audit documentation
  • Presents full, detailed accounts of receipts and disbursements to the Executive committee for every meeting in addition to any other occasion as requested by the Executive
  • Shall be responsible for the annual audit of the Associations “books” which sets out its financial position for the annual fall meeting each year
  • Shall have joint signing authority on MHMHA accounts in conjunction with the President and General Manager and will ensure proper banking authorities are maintained
  • Meets with the auditors to assist with the audit process
  • Prepares a report to the annual General meeting concerning a prospective budget or the following year
  • Puts forth any recommendations for the change of registration fees
  • Oversees procurement processes of the Association to ensure compliance by vendors
  • Provides information regarding collection of insufficient funds cheques to the Executive as needed
  • Ensures the annual return is sent out on receipt of the treasurer’s report to Alberta Registries
  • Reviews individual teams’ budget and or books for the season as requested by the Registrar, or Executive.


Game and Conduct Intro to Hockey CAHL

Health and Safety Female Hockey

Female Hockey directors are separated into Rocky Mountain Female Hockey League (RMFHL) and Wildcats (City)

  • Shall follow 7.5 of the Association Bylaws
  • Be the main point of contact for all MHMHA Female Hockey related issues within their respective levels. (RMFHL – CAHL separate from City league)
  • Assist the MMHA Registrar as needed to ensure that Female Hockey teams are properly registered in their respective leagues and provincials.
  • Ensure relevant information is conveyed to MHMHA Female Hockey teams’ coaches and managers.
  • Liaise with other Minor Hockey Associations to place MHMHA Female Hockey players on teams in other associations in the event that MHMHA does not have a Female Hockey team in a given age division/category.
  • Actively promote Female Hockey on behalf of MHMHA.
  • Other duties as requested by the MHMHA Board through the season.

1.3 Coordinators #

Team Manager Coordinator

The Team Manager Coordinator is to hold a meeting with all team managers at the beginning of the season to explain what the manager’s duties are.


  • Keep a record of each manager for each team and update MHMHA directory accordingly
  • Advise of the handbooks available on MHMHA website
  • Be available to answer any questions a team manager may have throughout the season. If the manager coordinator does not have the answer, then he/she must investigate so that the answer is found and relayed.
  • Pass along information that may arise throughout the hockey season to the managers
  • Act as a liaison between the executive and the managers
  • Encourage the managers to attend the monthly executive meetings
  • Be responsible for maintaining, updating, distributing, and collecting of managers binders

Division Coordinators – U7-U18

Division Coordinators support their specific Division Director with coordination of games, tournaments, evaluations, and playoffs.

The role and responsibilities of a Division Coordinator are outlined below:

  • Support the activities of the division
  • Attend Coach & Manager meetings at the start of the season
  • Promote the Association’s overall objective of ensuring an enjoyable hockey experience for all players.
  • Presents any matters or issues arising from the division to the Division Director via email and cc Game and Conduct and General Manager.
  • Support the distribution and return of MHMHA equipment
  • Familiarity with MHMHA policies and guidelines is required

Goaltender Development Coordinator

  • Assist in goaltender evaluations, ensure goaltenders are placed with proper teams after evaluations.
  • Revise/maintain the goalie development program annually with the GM of operations
  • Ensure goaltenders can access training (example: scheduling a development session when majority of goalies have practice)
  • Provide support for all goaltenders of the association
  • Provide support for goalies of the association that are playing with RMHA or IMHA
  • Work with the dryland coordinator in developing goalie specific stretching and dryland exercises.
  • Encourage players to try goaltending
  • Arrange for mental health development for players in this position.
  • Familiarity with MHMHA policies and guidelines is required

Equipment Coordinator

This position is provided by the GM of Hockey Operations

  • Responsible for all administrative matters regarding hockey equipment supplies to teams by MHMHA including distribution of equipment to all teams and picking up equipment at year end.
  • Responsible for inventory of all equipment, purchases and co-ordination of all jerseys
  • Responsible for handing out inventory sheets to managers at the beginning of each year to be handed back at year end along with relative equipment for yearend inventory
  • Ensure all equipment is in good repair prior to the start of each season
  • Organize a used equipment swap as required
  • Responsible for filing a yearend inventory with all team inventory sheets with the Secretary

Dryland Coordinator

The dryland coordinator should have a background education in fitness and wellness.

NOTE: the Dryland Coordinator position is meant to provide resources and information for dryland to the coaches. They are not trainers who assist with dryland.

There are two main focus areas for the Dryland Coordinator:

  1. a 1-hour session and,
  2. a pregame dryland warmup (10-15 minutes). The dryland coordinator is responsible for:
  • Create/source fun, age-appropriate dryland (off-ice) exercises that help deliver the agility, balance, coordination, strength and skill training that young players need to complement their on-ice play.
  • Create/source appropriate pre-game warm up dryland exercises including goalie specific ones.
  • Deliver resources and information as requested from coaches
  • Post various tips, exercises and such on social media that players can do at home.

Referee Coordinator

This position is provided by the ice scheduler.

  • Responsible for booking suitable referees for all MHMHA home games.
  • Responsible for booking referees for all home tournaments.

Website/Social Media Coordinator

    • Be responsible for updating and maintaining the MHMHA Website
    • Ensure that all necessary forms are updated with each season
    • Be the contact for the ice scheduler, executive members, managers or coaches that are requesting information to be updated
    • Be responsible for reporting team or association information to local paper and/or media as well as
    • Post to social media sites.
    • Be responsible for delegating additional persons to assist with maintaining website.
    • Promote the Association’s overall objective of ensuring an enjoyable hockey experience for all players

Bingo/Casino Coordinator

    • Co-ordinate bingo teams and ensure bingos and casinos have adequate staff
    • Monitor bingo and casino staff to ensure all rules and regulations are followed
    • Maintain care and control of all bingo deposit cheques and fundraising deposit cheques once passed from the registrar
    • Prepares financial statements for the gaming commission

1.4 Office Registrar/Bookkeeper #

Annually coordinates the registration process

  • Processes and distributes all registration forms of eligible hockey players within the boundaries of MHMHA
  • Brings forward to the Executive any requests to waive registration fees in hardship cases
  • Maintains a list of all registered players within the Association and provides such list to Hockey Alberta and to the Executive as required. Acts as a liaison between Hockey Alberta and the Executive on matters of registration
  • Reconciles registration fees collected, recommends any refunds
  • Organizes and distributes team sheets
  • Receives all monies paid to the Association and shall be responsible for the deposit of all monies in the appropriate account, ensuring there is proper audit documentation
  • Follows up and collects all receivables and associated bank charges owed to the Association
  • Prepares a presentation to the annual Spring meeting in regards to the past year and any recommendations for the following year
  • Ensures that mail is picked up and dealt with in a timely fashion
  • Receives all correspondence and distributes it to the appropriate executive

Ice Scheduler

Determines the ice requirements of the Association

  • Acquire sufficient ice and allocates the ice times required fairly and equitably in accordance with the policies of the Association and directives of the Executive
  • Prepares an ice allocation request to the MHMHA Ag Rep, which sets forth the needs of the Association for the upcoming year and highlights changes requested and attend the annual town users meeting
  • As required, makes ice available for referee and coaching clinics and player development
  • As required, makes ice available for team pictures
  • Acts as a clearing center for ice, which is in surplus
  • Determines tournament requirements for the year, schedule those tournaments to minimize disruption to the normal program requirements and provide tournament schedules to tournament committees and concession operators
  • Schedules provincial playoffs
  • Monitors “no show” ice reports to determine problem areas and invoice appropriate team for lost time
  • As required, meets with representatives regarding the monitoring, review of and changes to the contracted schedules, determine and resolve any scheduling problems and update them to schedule changes
  • Prepares a presentation to the annual Spring meeting in regards to past performance and any recommendations for the following year
  • Have a meeting with all managers to lay out ice requirements, expectations and processes.

1.5 Other #

Past President

This position is filled by the most recent MHMHA Past President and is required for a minimum of 1 year post presidency. The past president can remain in position until the current president relieves the position. This position can go unfilled so long as the past president has completed one year.

The purpose of this position is to

  • Provide mentorship to the current MHMHA President and current MHMHA Board.
  • Ensures continuity of awareness of hockey related issues that may impact the MHMHA Board decisions as these relate to MHMHA’s relationship with Hockey Canada & Hockey Alberta.

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