Program success measurement operations



The success of the Medicine Hat Minor Hockey program is important for the development our of members.  To be successful, the program needs to be measurable. Below is how MHMHA will measures success within the City and CAHL programs.

Program Outcomes

The success of the program will be evaluated each year against the following criteria:

  1. The development of each child in the program is maximized
  2. Player satisfaction is at a high level and shows improvement from year to year.
  3. Parent satisfaction is at a high level and shows improvement from year to year.
  4. Participation in the program improves/increases each year.
  5. Dropout rates from one year to the next within a level, and from one level to another, are reduced. That is, participants have acquired the skills necessary to be successful in each successive year of the program and at each successive level.
  6. Conflicts are resolved in an efficient and mutually acceptable manner.
  7. Program costs are reasonable and reflect the cost of program operations.
  8. Development of players from start of season


Feedback will be collected in the form of, but not limited to:

  • Parent and player surveys
  • Coach surveys
  • Manager surveys
  • Administration feedback
  • Director and Coordinator reports
  • GM of hockey operations report
  • Player & Goaltender development reports
  • Individual member successes
  • Game and conduct report
Process #

Once feedback is gathered, an analysis will be performed, and results will be placed into a matrix. From there the outcome of the season (per division) will be marked as such :

  • Poor
  • Adequate
  • Fair
  • Good
  • Excellent
Delivery #

The outcome of the annual success report will be posted within the August minutes of the next season.

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