Ice Operations

6.7 ICE #

Flood Chart – 2022/23 Season

U11 CAHL1 hour 30 minutes0There are no floods between periods in a 1.5-hour ice slot
U11 CAHL2 hours1Flood between 2nd and 3rd period
U11 CITY1 hour 15 minutes0There are no floods between periods in a 1 hour 15-minute ice slot
U13 -U15 CAHL2 hours1Flood between 2nd and 3rd period
U13-U15 CITY1 hour 15 minutes0There are no floods between periods in a 1.5-hour ice slot
OTHER2 hours 15 minutes ++Before the game starts, a decision can be made to add a flood after the first period. This decision must be relayed to the rink attendants before the game and not assumed that they are aware. No matter what a flood must occur after the 2nd period


City league teams of all ages will receive shared practice times, especially in the younger age divisions. This is advised in Long Term Player Development to give players the appropriate number of practice times in a week. Efforts should be made to work cooperatively to best utilize the ice time, and in some divisions a protocol is established for sharing ice. Teams should not use shared practice times for inter-squad scrimmages.

*Note that Setting up half-ice boards is not necessary for U9 practices.


MHMHA will not charge fines if a team is unable to make their assigned ice time due to inclement weather. MHMHA utilizes AMA road reports and if they feel necessary, will send a bulletin if the no-show policy is lifted. This notice will be communicated to teams as quickly as possible. If weather turns suddenly, the safety of the families in our community is first priority so please do not require your players to be on the road if conditions are truly unsafe.


Issues that do not directly and immediately affect safety can be managed in the following manner:

  1. Facility staff first ensure safety for participants and themselves.
  1. Facility staff contact the MHMHA Ice Allocator and explain the situation as quickly, reasonably, and safely as possible.
  1. MHMHA Ice Allocator, in consultation with facility staff, will determine the plan of action with regards to delayed or cancelled ice slots and communicate to directors and teams affected.
  1. Facilities shared between multiple user groups, issues occurring on one rink or for one group do not automatically affect the other rink, and MHMHA Ice Allocator will determine game movement, if necessary, for MHMHA bookings.

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