Fundraising and Gaming


Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission is the governing agency AGLC for all gaming and charitable fundraisers.


All Gaming activities (fundraising) for a team MUST have a gaming license. You can apply for a gaming License online at AGLC License


  1. You first apply for an online ID. THIS IS NOT YOUR LICENSE NUMBER.
  1. Once you receive eligibility to apply for a license, you still need to apply (it can take 3-5 business days for the eligibility to be approved).
  1. Ensure your Gaming license is made out to your team’s name. (For example, Medicine Hat U13 Leaf’s) Do not use Medicine Hat Minor Hockey Association.
  1. At the end of your license, you will need to file your gaming activity report with AGLC. This includes reporting the gaming proceeds and how you spent your gaming proceeds. Failure to complete this report will impact your ability to get an additional gaming license and it can impact MHMHA’s ability to obtain casinos in the future.


  1. Common examples of activities (fundraisers) that require a gaming license:
    • 50/50 tickets
    • Raffles
    • Hockey pools (including survivor pool, loser pool)
  1. You do not need a gaming license for things such as selling Mom’s Pantry, Kernel’s Popcorn, silent auctions, or bottle drives.
  1. You are required to have a minimum 20% value in the prize as compared to the value of the total ticket sales. This prize can either be a donated prize, or one purchased by the team.


    • Each ticket sells for $10.
    • You have 15 team members.
    • Each team member will be given 20 tickets to sell.
    • The total proceeds for the raffle will be $3,000 ($10 ticket x 20 tickets x 15 teammates).
  • The prize must be worth at a minimum $600 (20% of total proceeds of $3,000)

            4. Additional funds at end of year-

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