Parent Handbook



Before a child can attend practices or games MHMHA requires the following:

  • Registration fees and all outstanding invoices be paid in full.
  • Registration documents are fully completed.
  • Each parent has reviewed and signed the Parent Code of Conduct. (This will be taken care of at the Team parent meeting)
  • Respect in Sport be completed by one parent/guardian in the household. It is recommended that if another individual is responsible for a player’s attendance, they also take Respect in Sport. Renewal is every 4 years.
  • Child has proper equipment based on Hockey Alberta minimum requirement. Appendix


Player Expectations

  1. MHMHA expects all players to be team players.
  1. Players full attention and focus on and off the ice (dressing rooms).
  1. We expect respect and in turn will be respectful and encourage players to try their best at all times.
  1. We ask for their best effort in attendance.
  1. We encourage multi-sport athletes, however, by registering, they have made a commitment to this team, and everyone is depending on them to show up every time.
  1. We will emphasize good sportsmanship.
  1. Showboating is discouraged, celebrating is appropriate
  1. Expect player- goaltender The puck has to make it past 5 players before it reaches the goalie. A goal scored is not the goalie’s fault. Everyone takes responsibility.
  1. We will also emphasize team spirit and encourage a positive team dynamic
  1. We will curb the general negative body language that reflect or show frustration.
  1. When we win, we will say nothing. When we lose, we will say less.
  1. Look like a hockey player. Act like professional hockey players.
  1. Wear team jackets and apparel when the team is getting together as per coach expectations
  2. Never forget dryland attire for practice or games.
  1. Never forget about the practice jersey and game socks.
  1. Check your bag before you leave home.

Parent/Guardian Expectations

  1. Parents are expected to update availability on team snap. Please update Team Snap or let the coach know if you can’t make it or going to be late for a practice or game so we can plan accordingly.
  1. Be on Time.
  1. Leave the game at the rink
  1. Coaching staff provide a safe environment for the kids to fail in. MHMHA believes that when we fail, that is when we learn the most. Putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations helps us learn more about ourselves and what we are capable of.
  1. We are teaching a team concept where everyone matters and has a role. A team is a group of people and not just one person. We want them working on passing, teamwork, 1 for all attitude, making those around them better.
  1. NO parent coaching at home. This will only confuse the players and can lead to coach/player animosity. The best line you can use is, “What did your coaches say?”
  1. No public negative comments about the team, coaches, and/or players. If you have a problem or an issue, address it internally first.
  1. If you have a problem with the coaching staff, approach the manager and voice your concern. Depending on how serious the concern, will determine if there is a meeting or information shared through the manager.
  1. Parents/guardians are expected to observe the 24hr rule as cooler heads always prevail.
  1. MHMHA will not arrange meetings for ice time, line combination, or coaching philosophy concerns.

 Team Communication

90% of communication between you and your team will be through TeamSnap.

All events such as games, practices, tournaments, teambuilding, and dryland will be entered in to TeamSnap by the manager. This is a great tool to keep parents connected and offers the coach and manager a one stop place to update and send information

  1. Download the app

Make sure you download the TeamSnap App. It is likely that you already have, as registration is done through this app. However, for those that didn’t do the registration process, the app is available for iOS on the App Store and Android devices through Google Play.

  1. Subscribe to Your TeamSnap Schedule

Easily add your TeamSnap schedule to your phone or desktop calendar application to ensure that no games or practices are missed.


  • Parents (siblings) in the dressing rooms

For U11 and above it is mandatory that you keep out of the dressing rooms before, during, and after games. Aside from privacy concerns, parent interruption hinders a coach’s ability to communicate with their and create a team environment.

By U13, your player should be able to dress themselves which eliminates the need for parents in the dressing room.  At U11, if required one person may assist with difficulties tying skates etc. however encouraging self-dressing is recommended.

  • Coaching from the stands is prohibited. Telling a child how to play hockey from the stands can sometimes go against what a coach is trying to teach from the bench. Not to mention it literally distracts the player from what is happening in that moment. It is easy to notice who is coaching from the stands.

Please note: The coach will have the authority to discipline players/parents/guardians within MHMHA Game and Conduct.

  • Do encourage your child to listen and engage in planned activities will greatly support the efforts of our volunteer coaches and create a positive team atmosphere.
  • Do cheer for your team
  • Do make a conscience effort to keep public comments in a positive tone.

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