Team letter wearers


U7, U9 & U11–There will be NO full-time captains or assistant captain(s) in age categories below U13.

For age categories below U13 – if a team decides to utilize the ‘C’ and/or ‘A’; the Head Coach will be required to rotate the ‘C’ and/or ‘A’ among ALL of the participants, over the course of the season.

U13, U15, U18– For U13 and older, the final selection of the captain and/or assistant captain(s) is the responsibility of the coaching staff. The coaching staff has the option to make the captain and assistant captain(s) full-time.


When determining a captain and the assistant captain(s), the following selection criteria should be considered as they are representing the team on-ice.

  • Good knowledge of the Rules and Regulations
  • Good role model for teammates (hardworking, skilled etc.).
  • Good communicator (comfortable talking to participants, officials and coaches).
  • Well respected by coaches.
  • Should NOT be a popularity vote; however, recognize that this is an asset if the participant is well-liked and respected by teammates.

A good captain should:

  • Lead the team in Dryland and pregame warmups/stretching
  • Be the last out of the dressing room and last onto and off the ice.
  • Can get their team pumped up to play! (ex: fist bumping teammates as they enter on the ice)
  • Aids in helping injured players off the ice

The coaching staff should take sufficient time to identify the participant(s) that meet the above criteria during games and practices to reduce the possibility of having to remove a participant as a captain or assistant captain later in the season.


Any Captain or Assistant Captain who becomes suspended by Hockey Alberta/MHMHA for verbally abusing an official, will lose the privilege of being the Captain or Assistant Captain IMMEDIATELY.

The coaching staff may then review the selection process again in order to select a replacement.


It must first be determined at the beginning of the season if the ‘C’ and/or ‘A’ will be permanent or if it will be rotating. In the bid of consistency of team leaders, it is recommended that Letters not be rotated in U13 and above, however it is up the to coach discretion.

If the Head Coach decides that a participant should no longer be the Captain or Assistant  Captain, the Head Coach MUST FIRST contact their Division Director PRIOR to implementing the decision. The Head Coach must state all reasons for the removal of the ‘C’ and/or ‘A’. Any letter wearing players that do not stand up to their position can have their letter removed by request of the team or Head Coach. Parents cannot request removal of letters.

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