Player Affiliation Policy



To provide an opportunity for higher division or category teams to dress the maximum number when a teams regular registered players are sick, injured, or otherwise unavailable.



  1. Teams may only select affiliated players from a lower division or category team(s) operating within MHMHA, and all such players and team(s) must be properly registered in the HCR with MHMHA. Teams competing in the same division are not permitted to affiliate between themselves.


  1. A player must have the approval of the player’s registered team to participate in a game as an affiliated player. If the player’s registered team has a game that conflicts with a game of the players affiliated team, priority is given to the players registered team. Concessions can be made between coaches, players, parents, and the association. A players registered team practice always takes priority over the players affiliated teams practice unless concessions are made.


  1. Teams may select nineteen (19) affiliated players. If a team has selected the maximum number of affiliated players, at least two (2) affiliated players must be goaltenders.


  1. An affiliated player shall not be permitted to play for the selecting team until the player Hockey Canada registration has been declared and filed with MHMHA as being an affiliated player. Such endorsement may not be granted by MHMHA, before the written consent from both teams involved in the affiliation is filed with MHMHA.


  1. MHMHA and the Hockey Alberta reserve the right to revoke the approval of an affiliate player at any time should that player be deemed to strengthen the team in which he or she is affiliated.


  1. Once a player’s Hockey Canada registration has been endorsed by the Member Executive Director as being an affiliated player, the players name becomes part of the selecting team’s list of affiliated players and may not be dropped from such list during the current season and replaced, unless: the team with which he registered releases him/her on or before January 10; or the team that holds the player playing rights in the higher division or category, transfers those rights to another team in the same division or category.


  1. Providing affiliation has been declared, filed, and approved with MHMHA and Hockey Alberta, affiliates are eligible to participate in all exhibition, tournament, league, playoff and provincial championship games to return the team to its original roster size.


  1. Example: A team has 14 skaters and two (2) goaltenders registered to their official team roster for a maximum of 16 players. Should two (2) skaters be unavailable due to sickness or injury, the team would be permitted to use two (2) affiliates to bring their roster size back up to the original 14 skaters and two (2) goaltenders.


  1. Exception (CAHL, AA, AAA): In the event a team has only one (1) registered goaltender, they will be permitted to use affiliation to have for any league, playoff, or provincial championship game to bring their roster up to a maximum of two (2) goaltenders.


  1. During regular season play, city leagues teams are only permitted to use an affiliated goalie if the team’s registered goalie is sick, injured, or otherwise unavailable. City teams may have an affiliated goalie on the bench during playoff games, but the affiliated goalie is not permitted to play unless the team’s registered goalie is sick, injured, or otherwise unavailable.


  1. Affiliated players will NOT be permitted to replace suspended players.


  1. Exception: In the event a team’s roster falls below twelve (12) registered skaters (excluding goaltenders) due to suspensions, teams are permitted to use affiliation to return their roster size to a maximum of twelve (12) skaters (excluding goaltenders)


  1. No player is permitted to be part of more than one (1) affiliated players’ list in a particular category at any given time during the Season.


  1. Affiliated players used by a higher division/category team in a game, shall be designated on the official game report using the symbol “AP” after their name.


  1. All affiliations shall terminate at the end of the current season.



  1. A player of a team of a lower division or category may affiliate to a team or teams of higher divisions or categories at any time, to a maximum of ten (10) games per team.


  1. Exhibition and/or tournament games, which are not part of regular League games or play-off games, are excluded from the maximum ten (10) games per team.


  1. Appearance of an affiliated player’s name on the official game report of a game shall be considered participation in the game except in the case of an alternate goalkeeper, in which case only actual participation shall be considered as taking part in the game, and such participation shall be specially noted on the official game report.


  1. If an affiliate player’s registered team completes its regular season and playoffs before the player’s affiliated team or teams, the player may thereafter affiliate an unlimited number of times on the following terms: No new registration is required or shall be issued for affiliate players, and such players are not numbered among such higher division/category teams registered players. Affiliated players remain registered participants of their lower division/category team. 



  1. If an affiliated team deems it necessary to use an affiliated player, that coach shall send the request to the teams manger. The manager will then send the request to the player’s registered team manager, who will then forward the request to the player’s registered team coach. If approved by the coach, the player, and the player’s parents, will then be asked if they would like to participate in the affiliated team’s request. Communication of the players and coaches’ decision will then be done through the team’s managers.



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