Association Values, Principals, and Objectives


2.1 Program Purpose #

In accordance with the Vision and core values of the Medicine Hat Minor Hockey Association, and in the context of good sportsmanship and citizenship, the purpose of the Association is to: “facilitate and further the physical, mental, emotional and social development and well-being of program participants through the sport of hockey”.

2.2 Values and Principles Values #

The following values will guide decision making in the Minor Hockey program.

  • Respect
  • Fair play and sportsmanship
  • Commitment/dedication and hard work.
  • Skill development – mental, emotional, social, physical.
  • Personal discipline and self-control
  • Acceptance of responsibility
  • Excellence/fulfillment.
  • Safety of program participants is paramount.


The MHMHA hockey program will operate in accordance with the following

  • Participation in the program should be an enjoyable experience for all – executive, coaching staff and team management, players, and parents.
  • TMHA organization determines the hockey program for each level within the system. Coaches deliver the program identified by MHMHA
  • To hold a coaching position, coaches require at least the minimum level of certification specified by Hockey Alberta for the level coached.
  • Conflict will be resolved at as early a stage as possible in all situations.
  • Use of ice time will be optimized.
  • Success on the ice is a by-product of the life and other skills – physical, mental, social and emotional – taught to program participants.
  • Every participant in the program will have an equal opportunity to learn.
  • Every participant will play at the right/appropriate skill level.
  • Participant risk of injury will be minimized.
  • Abuse of officials, coaching staff, program participants and members of the Board of directors and coordinators will not be tolerated.
  • As an organization dedicated to excellence, and in keeping with the notion that our athletes should participate in an enjoyable and safe environment, the use and/or consumption of alcohol, cannabis, vaping, illegal drugs, tobacco and tobacco products by players, members, coaching/management staff and members of the Board of directors and coordinators will not be tolerated during hockey related activities where minors are present as per HA guidelines.

2.3 Association’s Objectives #

The MHMHA is a volunteer “non-profit” organization with the responsibility to promote, govern and improve organized amateur hockey in Medicine Hat. The objectives of the Association are to:

  1. Provide an opportunity for every young person in Medicine Hat of suitable age to participate in hockey within their age group, regardless of ability, so that they may develop character, sportsmanship, and hockey skills to the best of their ability under controlled conditions.
  2. Instill pride and satisfaction by teaching players the responsibilities of working as a team, contributing equally to the team to the best of their ability and sharing equally in the teams’ accomplishments and failures.
  3. Teach and impart the importance of fair play, good sportsmanship, co-operation, socially acceptable behavior, and the necessity that all individuals must abide by the rules of the game and the Regulations of the Association.
  4. Foster among the members, supporters and teams, a general community spirit while promoting and increasing the interest in minor hockey in the community.
  5. To establish procedures, policies, and rules for achieving the aims and objectives of the Association.
  6. To provide adequate playing facilities and equipment to operate the program.
  7. To ensure the financial well-being of the Association.
  8. To supervise and provide direction for all teams, players, and members in the Association.
  9. Place the physical and mental well-being of the participants, instructors, coaches, and officials as the central focus of the program development, services and policies.
  10. Ensure that the coordination of the Minor Hockey programs is a cooperative effort, through the various levels of participants, under the guidance of the Minor Hockey Association.
  11. Develop Minor Hockey programs in a manner that maximizes both the effectiveness and efficiency of long-range planning resulting in high-quality programs and services truly meeting the needs of the participants.
  12. Ensure that volunteers and volunteerism be maintained as the basis of the hockey program delivery system.
  13. Provide hockey as a spectator attraction for community entertainment and to develop community loyalties and pride, while bringing positive recognition to the Association.
  14. Work in conjunction with Hockey Alberta in the promotion of Minor Hockey programs and Leadership development opportunities.
  15. Develop and implement a program evaluation system to ensure that program goals and objectives are met.
  16. Ensure that the individual’s welfare, rights, and safety are of paramount importance to the Association
  17. Attempt to ensure that spectator attendance at hockey games exemplifies appropriate behavior and is a good example for young people to follow.
  18. Develop, implement, and update standards that specify the length of games and season, number of games and practice requirements of players and teams at all levels.
  19. Develop leadership programs to emphasize the importance that volunteers, and coaches are properly trained and understand the social, psychological, and physiological benefits of participation.

2.4 Guiding Principles #

Guiding principles are statements that help shape how decisions are made within the association and what actions are taken hence forth. They are not specific actions themselves but identify considerations.

These philosophical statements guide an organization as it conducts its business. The principles that guide MHMHA are stated below.


Not all decisions and actions may be supported by everyone. However, operating in a transparent fashion means that parties can see how decisions are made; what has influenced decisions; and what those decisions are.


The mission of MHMHA is to provide programming to children and youth. Decisions should be made in the best interest of them.


As a volunteer organization it can be difficult to respond immediately. However, timeliness in responses and actions are important. Being responsive means acting promptly.


While not all actions and responses will be equal amongst people or teams, they can all reflect a sense of fairness. It implies a lack of favoritism or discrimination.


Decisions are not made in isolation but are made by multiple parties together.


Being consistent means being predictable. Decisions that were made one way previously are expected to be made on similar grounds the next time. It refers to conformity.


People or organizations are responsible for their actions. Being accountable means being able to

justify or explain one’s actions. Being accountable means accepting the responsibility that comes

with a decision and its impacts.

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