Program component/elements operations


There are five major components in the MHMHA hockey program including:

  1. Power skating
  • While skating is an individual skill, consistent with the notion that skating is the most important skill in the game of hockey, MHMHA has chosen to place a high emphasis on the development and reinforcement of skating skills at all levels.
  1. Individual skill development
  • Physical – skating, shooting, passing, puck control, checking
  • Mental – thinking skills, values
  • Social – the ability to work cooperatively to produce a result – team play.
  • Emotional – personal discipline and self-control – the ability to not let others take one out of the game.
  1. Positional play – skills associated with a particular position and on-ice relativities.
  1. Team Dynamics- the coordinated play of all six players who are on the ice at any given time.
  1. Games

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