Dressing Room Policy

3.8 Dressing Room Policy

MHMHA’s dressing room policies are in place to balance the safety, privacy and dignity of our players without compromising the aspects of camaraderie, social integration and bonding inherent in a team sport. All MHMHA users must meet, at minimum, the dressing room policies of our governing bodies. As these policies often regulate the boundaries of the “lesser represented gender” (on a co-ed hockey team, this is typically a female), MHMHA has enacted specific policies that address our all-female teams.

Criteria #

  1. Each team will be designated a dressing room to use for practices and games. This will be posted on the TV’s in the lobby.
  2. Hockey Alberta rules state that females at U11-U18 levels will have access to separate change rooms. Females at U13-U18 are required to use a separate change room
  3. All members will ensure that the rooms are left in good clean order.
  4. This is a no smoking/tobacco/Alcohol/drug product zone.
  5. Smart devices like cell phones, iPod iPad are prohibited. No exceptions.
  6. Taking photos and or videos are prohibited in the dressing room. Exception will be only for professional photographers taking team/player photos.
  7. Rooms should remain locked when the team is not present.
  8. Valuables are left at your own risk.
  9. Recommended that unsupervised dressing rooms are locked during practices/games

Supervision #

Players must be supervised at all times. A lone personnel member must never be in the dressing room with players at any time, and especially when they are showering or changing. Two (2) must be present together at all times. This is called the “Two Deep Method” of supervision. Should separate dressing rooms be required, both dressing rooms require the appropriate adult supervision. Please see Co-Ed Dressing room policy 3.10

Co-ed Dressing Rooms #

MHMHA firmly believes in accommodating both genders. We further believe in balancing this goal with the safety, privacy, modesty and wishes of ALL our members without compromising the aspects of camaraderie, social integration and bonding inherent in a team port. This policy attempts to meet all these goals while providing a safe and respectful environment for our participants.

We also stress the importance of coaches ensuring both male and female players have equal access to pre and post team sessions and to all team related activities.

MHMHA recognizes the physical limitations of some facilities and encourages our members to work with local facility management to ensure that appropriate changing facilities are available to both genders.

MHMHA allows co-ed dressing room situations to exist at the U7-U11 levels provided participants in a co-ed situation either arrive in full equipment or wear at a minimum gym shorts or long underwear as well as a full t-shirt all of which must be in good condition and without holes/tears.

MHMHA adopts the Hockey Canada Co-ed Dressing Room Policy stated here.

Parents in Dressing Rooms #

The safety, privacy and modesty of the players must be respected at all times. MHMHA discourages parents from entering dressing rooms unless it is truly necessary. Naturally, with the youngest age groups (U7-U11) it may be necessary for parents to assist the players getting dressed. By 2nd year U11, your player should be able to fully dress themselves including tying skates. Players are expected to fully dress themselves by U13

When necessary, players only need a maximum of 1 parent/guardian to assist them in the dressing room.

Additional parents, guests or siblings are not allowed in the dressing room at any age at any time.

As players get older, the coach may at his/her discretion prohibit parents from the dressing room. In general, parents should not enter the dressing room if the players undress to less than shorts and t shirts.

MHMHA encourage parents to teach their players as young as possible how to get dressed independently.

This can be done at home where the parent can ensure equipment is satisfactory and safe. (skates)

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