Coach Reimbursement Policy

3.3 Coach Reimbursement Policy


All coaches of MHMHA are required to be certified as per Hockey Canada, Hockey Alberta and/or MHMHA Policies and/or Procedures. One team official is also required to take the Safety certification.

Expectations & rights

In order to be eligible to coach a MHMHA Team, each participant must register and complete the Respect in Sports- Coach (Activity leader) prior to going on the ice. All other course/qualifications required must be completed prior to the November 15th Hockey Alberta deadline of the current Membership year.

Once courses are completed and certification received, the participant will complete the Coach Clinic Reimbursement Form and submit course receipts to the office for processing. You can email receipts to

MHMHA will only reimburse clinic registration fees; other costs such as travel, and meals are not eligible.


Coach Clinic Reimbursement Forms will only be accepted until December 30 of that same

Membership year.

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