Recording Devices Policy

3.12 Recording Devices Policy*

Definition #

Recording device means a camera, an audio or video recorder or any other device that may be used to record or transfer sounds or images. These include:

Any camera(s)

Cell phones Smart phones

iPads/tablets/laptops Video camera

Purpose #

To ensure all Players and Coaching Staff are not taking pictures, video /audio recorded in any

Dressing Rooms during MHMHA Sanctioned events.

Expectations #

Mobile devices with recording capabilities, including voice recording, still cameras and video cameras, are NOT PERMITTED TO BE USED IN ANY DRESSING ROOMS, by players, during any MHMHA Sanctioned Events. Parents and or coaches wishing to take pictures of individuals or teams in dressing rooms must ask permission of the coach/manager and can only do so if everyone in the rooms is completely clothed/dressed. An example of this would be post-game with a trophy during any MHMHA Sanctioned Events.

If music is played in the dressing room, only one person should be the designated DJ. Their devices are to  be connected wirelessly to a portable speaker and kept in a bag or pocket. If cell phones or other mobile devices must be used, they must be taken outside of the Dressing Room.

Cell phones are to be turned off and put away at all times while in Dressing Room or left with a Parent. MHMHA is not responsible for lost or damaged Cell / Smart Phones, Mobile devices, or music equipment. Regardless of if dressing room was locked or not.

Violations #

Any violation formally reported of this policy shall be investigated by MHMHA Game and Conduct committee to their full extent and if deemed necessary, this matter may be handed over to MHPS.

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